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The story of the new softdrugs policy in Holland

In the early 1970's The Nederlands decided to made a clear distinction between hard and soft drugs. Decriminalizing and tolerating the use on Marijuana while concentrated their law enforcement effort on hard drugs dealing and its infrastructure.

Coffeeshops emerged from this tolerance. The principal function of coffeeshops is the controlled sale of marijuana in a safe environment, away from hard drugs and unscrupulous dealers. While this policy has been a success if measured against the drug addiction and death rates in the rest of Europe, the government of the Nederlands now plan to introduce further regulation that will require marijuana users to be registrated Coffeeshop members, and will ban the sale of Marijuana to non-residents. Throughout Europe, this is causing a stir of debate on many levels. From societies attitude to marijuana use to regulation effecting civil liberties.

This poll will try to gauge the opinion of Europeans on the new measures in Nederlands.